Embrace the WHO's new naming system for coronavirus variants.

  title={Embrace the WHO's new naming system for coronavirus variants.},
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A new infodemiological approach through Google Trends: longitudinal analysis of COVID-19 scientific and infodemic names in Italy
A comprehensive infodemiological picture of Italy from the epidemic outbreak in December 2019 until September 2021 is presented and a new procedure to examine in detail the web interest of users in scientific and infodemic monikers linked to the identification of COVID-19 is proposed.
Naming Human Diseases: Ethical Principles of Curating Exclusive Substitute for Inopportune Nosology
The findings indicate that the nosological evolution of anachronistic names could result in sociocultural impacts without a corrective mechanism, and some ethical principles for formulating an improved naming scheme are introduced.
Structural and functional insights into the spike protein mutations of emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants.
This review focuses on the current circulating variants of SARS-CoV-2 and the structure-function analysis of key S protein mutations linked with increased affinity, higher infectivity, enhanced transmission rates, and immune escape against this infection.
Vaccine Development against COVID-19: Study from Pre-Clinical Phases to Clinical Trials and Global Use
A massive vaccination drive would be needed to protect people of all ages and would require unprecedented coordination at the national and international levels for generating funds to purchase the required doses of vaccines, fair distribution of doses and managing the mechanics of delivering vaccines throughout the world.