Embolic protection devices for peripheral application: wasteful or useful?

  title={Embolic protection devices for peripheral application: wasteful or useful?},
  author={Stefan Mueller-Huelsbeck and Philipp Jost Schaefer and Tim Hendrik Huemme and Nikolas Charalambous and Henning Elh{\"o}ft and Martin Heller and Thomas Jahnke},
  journal={Journal of endovascular therapy : an official journal of the International Society of Endovascular Specialists},
  volume={16 Suppl 1},
Distal embolization following percutaneous intervention is a universal phenomenon that has been reported in various vascular beds. Distal emboli are also very common during lower extremity percutaneous peripheral interventions. Some data from case reports and registries are currently available. Clinical data have shown that the application of an embolic protection device in the lower limb arteries is safe. Prospective and, ideally, randomized trial data are warranted to justify the increased… CONTINUE READING