Embodying violence: critical geographies of gender, race, and culture

  title={Embodying violence: critical geographies of gender, race, and culture},
  author={Jennifer L. Fluri and Amy Piedalue},
  journal={Gender, Place \& Culture},
  pages={534 - 544}
Abstract The papers in this themed section collectively explore the intertwined geographies of corporeality and violence; to explore the ways in which narrow representations of race and culture are imbricated in the mis/understanding of gender based violence. This introductory essay draws out linkages across these papers, and to several themes in feminist geography. Combined, the four papers in the themed section offer new pathways for feminist geographers to consider. The authors connect the… 

Violence on bodies: Space, social reproduction and intersectionality

Abstract Social categories such as gender, race, ethnicity, caste, and class have been analyzed by feminist geographers, who collectively argue that as individuals we experience and live the effects

Complicating notions of violence: An embodied view of violence against women in Honduras

Feminist geographic analysis has demonstrated that violence inflicted on women is embodied, experienced and personal and at the same time, linked to global socio-political and economic processes and

Beyond the public/private dichotomy: The study of domestic violence in feminist geography

: Human geographers gain insights into social phenomena through home. Domestic violence has become a research object along with the cultural turn in Western human geography and the rise of feminist

Critical political geographies of slow violence and resistance

Engaging Rob Nixon’s conceptualisation of slow violence, this special issue provides a critical framework for how we understand violence relevant to political geography. In this introduction, we

Violence, the Body and the Spaces of Intimate War

ABSTRACT This paper explores the relationship between domestic violence and rurality through the theoretical lens of intimate war. It argues for a geopolitical perspective that foregrounds issues of

Navigating migrant infrastructure and gendered infrastructural violence: reflections from Brazilian women in London

Abstract This paper explores some of the institutional and theoretical silences within debates on infrastructural violence with reference to migrant women survivors of gendered violence. Drawing from

Fleeing rural violence: Mam women seeking gendered justice in Guatemala and the U.S.

  • L. Stephen
  • Political Science
    The Journal of Peasant Studies
  • 2018
ABSTRACT I use the concept of gendered embodied structures of violence as the analytical framework for illustrating how in rural Huehuetenango, Guatemala, historical and contemporary structures and

“We Are Farkhunda”: Geographies of Violence, Protest, and Performance

The iconic image of Farkhunda—bloodied, beaten, and pleading for assistance—went viral in March 2015, emblematic of the unfathomable attack and brutal murder of a young woman, a religious student, in

Collective trauma? Isolating and commoning gender-based violence

  • R. Pain
  • Sociology
    Gender, Place & Culture
  • 2021
Abstract This paper considers the tensions between individual and collective experiences, responses and framings in gender-based violence (GBV). I explore three concepts that aid understanding of GBV

The Entwined Spaces of ‘Race’, Sex and Gender

The following papers explore how the racial and the sexual are often experienced spatially. While geographers can be said to occupy themselves thoughtfully in consideration of places in space, the

Geographical frontiers of gendered violence

This article acts as an introduction to the suite of interventions which aim to generate belated conversation across geography on gendered violences. As such, it brings together and formalizes

Introduction: feminist engagements with geopolitics

Here, we introduce a themed set of articles that, using diverse feminist knowledges and practices, aims to expose the force relations that operate through and upon bodies, such that particular

Introduction: The gendered geographies of ‘bodies across borders’

This paper introduces the articles that comprise the themed section ‘bodies across borders’ which investigates how the social and spatial dynamics of healthcare provision are being transformed by

Intimate Geopolitics: Religion, Marriage, and Reproductive Bodies in Leh, Ladakh

Bodies not only are territory but also make territory. Recent scholarship interrogates the utility of hierarchical scale, attends to everyday practice and geopolitical strategy, and thinks through

Introduction: intimacy‐geopolitics and violence

Mapping the relations between intimacy and geopolitics is gathering momentum within critical geopolitics. Both world events and geographical research have demonstrated the importance of politicised

Domestic Violence at the Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender

This article provides a comprehensive review of the emerging domestic violence literature using a race, class, gender, sexual orientation intersectional analysis and structural framework fostered by

Another rape? The persistence of public/private divides in sexual violence debates in India

In this intervention piece, I reflect upon the recent spate of highly publicized rapes in India to examine the persistence of public/private divisions in the debates and interventions around sexual

Destabilizing homonormativity and the public/private dichotomy in North American lesbian domestic violence discourses

Developing and circulating community-based educational materials and offering workshops are common feminist approaches to addressing violence in lesbian relationships. This article explores the