Embodied Spirituality

  title={Embodied Spirituality},
  author={Dagfinn Ulland},
  journal={Archive for the Psychology of Religion/Archiv F{\"u}r Religionpsychologie},
  pages={104 - 83}
  • Dagfinn Ulland
  • Published 1 January 2012
  • Philosophy, Psychology
  • Archive for the Psychology of Religion/Archiv Für Religionpsychologie
The main findings on embodied spirituality within the Toronto Blessing are presented in this article. The aim of this study is to interpret ecstatic religious experiences from a psychological point of view. The theoretical framework is interdisciplinary, using theories from ego-psychology, social psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, and ritual theory. Regarding the latter notion, Thomas Csordas has developed cultural phenomenology, which is a culturally constructed way of understanding… 


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