Embodied Memory, Transcendence, and Telling: Recounting Trauma, Re-establishing the Self

  title={Embodied Memory, Transcendence, and Telling: Recounting Trauma, Re-establishing the Self},
  author={Robert G. Culbertson},
  journal={New Literary History},
  pages={169 - 195}
Exploring collective narratives of violence: intersections of gendered “selves” of place and time among members of an African women’s support network
.....................................................................................................8 Chapter 1: Background
Muted National Memory
The encoding of female bodies as symbols of the nation is a multifaceted process where some female bodies are uplifted to represent the nation and its honour, but others are abjected. I examine in
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The gendered embodiment of shame : intersections of acquaintance rape, trauma and self-blame in Pompidou posse by Sarah Lotz : original research
This article offers a feminist literary analysis of the gendered embodiment of shame in Pompidou posse by Sarah Lotz. In this novel, Lotz depicts female characters who are sexually assaulted by
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This article explores the various legal responses to the genocide in Rwanda through the lenses of trauma, memory and performance, and addresses the question of whether trials as performance and
Redeeming memories
In my view, Frigga Haug’s (2001) analysis of sexual abuse campaigns gets off to a bad start. Let me explain. Beginning her analysis with a description of a trip she made to Toronto in 1992, Haug
The living past in the lives of victims-/survivors of conflict-related sexual violence: Temporal implications for transitional justice
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  • Political Science
    Memory Studies
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Issues of time and temporality are highly relevant to the field of transitional justice. The very concept of ‘transition’ and transitional justice processes more broadly reflect a linear and
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Between the urge to know and the need to deny: trauma and embodied memories in Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye (1988)
  • Ikram Lecheheb
  • Art, Psychology
    Journal of Language and Cultural Education
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Abstract The study intends to explore and analyze the role of corporeality in expressing earlier repressed traumatic events as manifested in Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye (1988). It shows that the


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Deep memory - the buired self anguished memory - the divided self humiliated memory - the besiged self tained memory - the impromptu self unheroic memory - the dimished self.
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Elaine Scarry analyses the political ramifications of deliberately inflicted pain, specifically in the cases of warfare and torture, and she demonstrates how political regimes use the power of physical pain to attack and break down the sufferer's sense of self.
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This is a book about the meanings we make out of pain. The greatest surprise I encountered in discussing this topic over the past ten years was the consistency with which I was asked a single
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* Introduction Traumatic Disorders * A Forgotten History * Terror * Disconnection * Captivity * Child Abuse * A New Diagnosis Stages of Recovery * A Healing Relationship * Safety * Remembrance and
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The Courage to Heal offers hope, encouragement and practical advice to every woman who was sexually abused as a child and answers some vital questions, including how to break the silence and who will listen.