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Embodied Cognition: The Vicarious Presentation Effect

  title={Embodied Cognition: The Vicarious Presentation Effect},
  author={Jaclynn V. Sullivan},
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Learning as embodied familiarization
Embodied familiarization is offered as an overarching conception of learning informed by work in the hermeneutic philosophical tradition, especially the writings of Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Taylor,
Situated Embodied Cognition: Monitoring Orientation Cues Affects Product Evaluation and Choice
Consumers generally prefer products that are easy to interact with. In three studies, we show that this preference arises from the fit between product orientation and monitored situational
Embodied memory judgments: a case of motor fluency.
The findings suggest that memory is influenced by covert simulation of actions associated with the items being judged-even when there is no intention to act-and highlight the intimate connections between higher level cognition and action.
A mixed-handed advantage in episodic memory: A possible role of interhemispheric interaction
Individual differences in strength of personal handedness were used as markers for differences in hemispheric communication, with mixed-handers inferred to have increased interhemispheric interaction relative to strong right-handing, and results supported the hypothesis that mixed- handers displayed better episodic memory in comparison with strongRight handers.
Testing during study insulates against the buildup of proactive interference.
4 experiments demonstrate a novel benefit of testing, interpolating tests during the study sequence insulates against this negative influence of proactive interference and has important implications for study strategies.
Sex differences favoring women in verbal but not in visuospatial episodic memory.
Examination of sex differences in verbal, nonverbal, and visuospatial episodic memory tasks showed that although women performed at a higher level on a composite verbal and nonverbal episodi memory score, men performed atA higher level at a composite score of episodicMemory tasks requiring visUospatial processing.
Interpolated memory tests reduce mind wandering and improve learning of online lectures
It is demonstrated that the simple act of interpolating online lectures with memory tests can help students sustain attention to lecture content in a manner that discourages task-irrelevant mind wandering activities, encourages task-relevant note-taking activities, and improves learning.
The sensorimotor contributions to implicit memory, familiarity, and recollection.
A rare memory dissociation is established in healthy participants, that is, explicit without implicit memory or recognizing without feeling familiar, while leaving recollection and free recall unaffected.