Embedding visible video watermarks in the compressed domain

  title={Embedding visible video watermarks in the compressed domain},
  author={Jianhao Meng and Shih-Fu Chang},
  journal={Proceedings 1998 International Conference on Image Processing. ICIP98 (Cat. No.98CB36269)},
  pages={474-477 vol.1}
  • Jianhao MengShih-Fu Chang
  • Published 4 October 1998
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings 1998 International Conference on Image Processing. ICIP98 (Cat. No.98CB36269)
Digital visible or invisible watermarks are increasingly in demand for protecting or verifying the original image or video ownership. We propose a novel compressed-domain approach to embedding visible watermarks in MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video streams. Our algorithms operate on the DCT coefficients which are obtained with minimal parsing of input video. The embedded watermarks adapt to the local video features such as brightness and complexity to achieve consistent perceptual visibility. The… 

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Information technology --Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information ISO/IEC 13818, International Standard (MPEG-2)

  • Information technology --Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information ISO/IEC 13818, International Standard (MPEG-2)
  • 1995