Embedding existential psychology within psychedelic science: reduced death anxiety as a mediator of the therapeutic effects of psychedelics

  title={Embedding existential psychology within psychedelic science: reduced death anxiety as a mediator of the therapeutic effects of psychedelics},
  author={Sam G. Moreton and Luke Szalla and Rachel E. Menzies and Andrew F A Arena},
Psychedelic therapies can engender enduring improvements in psychological well-being. However, relatively little is known about the psychological mechanisms through which the salutary effects of psychedelics emerge. Through integrating extant research on psychedelics with contemporary existential psychology, we present a novel hypothesis that reduced death anxiety may be a key mechanism underpinning the therapeutic effects of psychedelics. In developing this hypothesis, we also provide a… 

Entity encounters and the therapeutic effect of the psychedelic mystical experience

Research suggests that the clinical and therapeutic effects of psychedelics are related to their ability to induce a mystical-type experience. One particularly interesting feature of the psychedelic

The ritual use of ayahuasca during treatment of severe physical illnesses: a qualitative study

The experience with ayahuasca may facilitate illness acceptance through an influence on the meanings of the illness, life, and death, and these changes may favor a more balanced relationship with illness and treatment.

Right-Wing Psychedelia: Case Studies in Cultural Plasticity and Political Pluripotency

It is suggested that the historical record supports the concept of psychedelics as “politically pluripotent,” non-specific amplifiers of the political set and setting, and shows that conservative, hierarchy-based ideologies are able to assimilate psychedelic experiences of interconnection.

Comparison of psychedelic and near-death or other non-ordinary experiences in changing attitudes about death and dying

Both psychedelic drug experiences and near-death experiences can occasion changes in perspectives on death and dying, but there have been few direct comparisons of these phenomena. This study

An Encounter With the Other: A Thematic and Content Analysis of DMT Experiences From a Naturalistic Field Study

A systematic and in-depth analysis of the nuanced content of the otherworldly encounter within the breakthrough DMT experience, as well as elaborating on the resonances both with previous DMT studies focusing on entity encounters and other types of extraordinary experiences entailing such encounters.

Living Authentically in the Face of Death: Predictors of Autonomous Motivation Among Individuals Exposed to Chronic Mortality Cues Compared to a Matched Community Sample.

Despite research demonstrating positive outcomes of conscious death reflection, very little research directly examines a core proposition of existential psychologists-that death reflection provides

Survey of subjective "God encounter experiences": Comparisons among naturally occurring experiences and those occasioned by the classic psychedelics psilocybin, LSD, ayahuasca, or DMT

Among the four groups of psychedelic users, the psilocybin and LSD groups were most similar and the ayahuasca group tended to have the highest rates of endorsing positive features and enduring consequences of the experience.

Efficacy, tolerability, and safety of serotonergic psychedelics for the management of mood, anxiety, and substance-use disorders: a systematic review of systematic reviews

Results are promising, several studies were open label, and only few were RCTs, and most had small sample sizes and a short duration, but long-term studies are lacking.

Death anxiety and its association with severity of mental illness in patients with depression and schizophrenia

There was a significant relationship between the severity of symptoms and death anxiety in both depressed and schizophrenic patients, however, the latter showed a more negative attitude towards death.

O renascimento da terapia psicodélica: Uma revisão integrativa da literatura

Objetivo: O presente estudo é uma abordagem geral sobre a ciência psicodélica e tem por objetivo, a partir de uma revisão integrativa da literatura, contextualizar o renascimento da terapia



Awe: a putative mechanism underlying the effects of classic psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy

  • P. Hendricks
  • Psychology
    International review of psychiatry
  • 2018
It is suggested that classic psychedelic-occasioned mystical experience is characterized by profound awe, a discrete emotion experienced in the presence of a vast stimulus requiring accommodation of mental structures.

Eco-Existential Positive Psychology: Experiences in Nature, Existential Anxieties, and Well-Being

Numerous scholars have explored the notion that our relationship with nature is essential to our well-being, and some have suggested that we have an evolved inclination to affiliate with nature. A

Mystical and archetypal experiences of terminal patients in DPT-assisted psychotherapy

  • W. Richards
  • Psychology
    Journal of religion and health
  • 1978
Two general types of experience appear to be of potential importance in accelerating and qualitatively enhancing psychotherapeutic processes, one of which includes mystical experiences and the other encompasses conventional psychodynamic phenomena.

The Meaning-Enhancing Properties of Psychedelics and Their Mediator Role in Psychedelic Therapy, Spirituality, and Creativity

It is argued that the tendency of these agents to enhance the perception of significance offers valuable clues to explaining their reported ability to stimulate a variety of therapeutic processes, enhance creativity, and instigate mystical-type experiences.

Of Roots and Fruits: A Comparison of Psychedelic and Nonpsychedelic Mystical Experiences

Experiences of profound existential or spiritual significance can be triggered reliably through psychopharmacological means using psychedelic substances. However, little is known about the benefits

A Terror Management Perspective on the Role of Death-Related Anxiety in Psychological Dysfunction

Building on previous existential theorizing, terror management theory provides a unique approach to conceptualizing the development, maintenance, and impact of psychological disorders. The theory

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The history of research with psychedelic drugs has produced a variety of methods for their use and conflicting claims about results. First came the wave of excitement among experimentalists in the

The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead

The Psychedelic Experience, created by the prophetic shaman-professors Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzer and Richard Alpert, is a foundational text that serves as a model and a guide for all subsequent

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One of the most important books written on the effects of LSD on the human psyche. - Its authoritative research has great relevance to the current debate on drug legalization. - Prolific authors

Death thoughts mediate ostracism mood reduction: The moderating role of marital status

Ostracism is known to cause psychological distress; however, it remains unclear why ostracism evokes this response. Two experiments tested empirically whether fear of death mediates ostracism