Embedding a Demonic Semilattice in a Relational Algebra

  title={Embedding a Demonic Semilattice in a Relational Algebra},
  author={Jules Desharnais and Nadir Belkhiter and Salah Ben Mohamed Sghaier and Fairouz Tchier and Ali Jaoua and Ali Mili and Nejib Zaguia},
  journal={Theor. Comput. Sci.},
We present a refinement ordering between binary relations, viewed as programs or specifications. This ordering induces a complete join semilattice that can be embedded in a relation algebra. This embedding then allows an easy proof of many properties of the refinement semilattice, by making use of the well-known corresponding properties of relation algebras. The operations of the refinement semilattice corresponding to join and composition in the embedding algebra are, respectively, demonic… CONTINUE READING


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