Embedding AdS Black Holes in Ten and Eleven Dimensions

  title={Embedding AdS Black Holes in Ten and Eleven Dimensions},
  author={Mirjam Cveti{\vc} and M. J. Duff and P. Hoxha and James T. Liu and H. Y. Lue and Jianxin Lu and R. Martinez-Acosta and Cydne Pope and Hisham Sati and Tuan A. Tran},
We construct the non-linear Kaluza-Klein ansätze describing the embeddings of the U(1)3, U(1)4 and U(1)2 truncations of D = 5, D = 4 and D = 7 gauged supergravities into the type IIB string and M-theory. These enable one to oxidise any associated lower dimensional solutions to D = 10 or D = 11. In particular, we use these general ansätze to embed the charged AdS5, AdS4 and AdS7 black hole solutions in ten and eleven dimensions. The charges for the black holes with toroidal horizons may be… CONTINUE READING



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