Embedded Model Control calls for disturbance modeling and rejection.

  title={Embedded Model Control calls for disturbance modeling and rejection.},
  author={Enrico S. Canuto and Wilber Acu{\~n}a-Bravo and Andr{\'e}s Molano-Jimenez and Carlos Perez Montenegro},
  journal={ISA transactions},
  volume={51 5},
Robust control design guarantees closed-loop stability of a model-based control law in the presence of parametric uncertainties. Stability is guaranteed by introducing some ignorance coefficients and restricting the feedback control effort. Embedded Model Control shows that the model-based control law can be kept intact in the case of uncertainty, if the controllable dynamics is complemented by a suitable disturbance dynamics. The disturbance state must be driven by an unpredictable input… CONTINUE READING
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