Embedded Hw-Sw reconfigurable techniques for wireless sensor network applications


Reconfigurable techniques are used in many engineering and industrial applications for the efficient data transmissions through the wireless sensor networks. Nowadays, most of the industrial applications are working to try to minimize the size and cost. During runtime the reconfigurable technique avoids the unwanted hang and delay in the system performance. In recent world Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) as one of the most efficient reconfigurable devices and widely used for most of the hardware and software reconfiguration applications. In this paper, the work deals with whatever going to make changes in the hardware and software during runtime, it's should not affect the current running process that's the main objective of the paper our changes are done in a parallel manner at the same time concentrating the cost and power transmission problems during data transreceving. Analog sensor (Temperature) as an input for the controller (PIC) through that control the FPGA digital sensors in a generalized manner.

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