Embedded Built-In-Test Detection Circuit for Radio Frequency Systems and Circuits


An embedded rectifier-based Built-In-Test (BIT) detection circuit for the RF integrated circuits is proposed in this work, and charge pump rectifier is adopted to transform the RF output signal into DC signal. In this BIT circuit, low threshold voltage MOS transistor with positive substrate bias is used to act as diode to further improve the conversion efficiency and the detecting sensitivity. With this BIT circuit, the minimum input testing sensitivity can be improved to -50dBm. Also, this circuit doesn’t consume current and has very high operating frequency scalability. As an example 2.4GHz low noise amplifier by using this BIT detecting circuit has been verified, and gain and linearity information can be obtained without influencing the performance of the attached RF circuits.

DOI: 10.1109/DDECS.2006.1649582

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