Embarrassing Time, Performing Disunity Rugby, the haka, and Aotearoa-New Zealand in the United Kingdom

  title={Embarrassing Time, Performing Disunity Rugby, the haka, and Aotearoa-New Zealand in the United Kingdom},
  author={Ryan Hartigan},
  journal={Performance Research},
  pages={37 - 43}
Pe rf o rm a n c e R e s e a r c h 1 6 ( 2 ) , p p . 3 7 4 3 © Ta y l o r & F ra n c i s L td 2 01 1 D O I : 1 0 . 1 0 8 0 / 1 3 5 2 8 1 6 5 . 2 0 1 1 . 5 7 8 7 2 8 As autumn sweeps over the northern hemisphere, some creatures prepare to hibernate, and others emerge from slumber. Blinking and wideeyed, these are the belligerent sports-writers colloquially known as Wind-Up Merchants. Their deliberate attempt to ‘wind-up’ those who do not agree with them relies upon the provocative stance they… 
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