Embargo, Tasini, and “Opted Out”: How Many Journal Articles Are Missing from Full-Text Databases

  title={Embargo, Tasini, and “Opted Out”: How Many Journal Articles Are Missing from Full-Text Databases},
  author={Xiaotian Chen},
  journal={Internet Reference Services Quarterly},
  pages={23 - 34}
  • Xiaotian Chen
  • Published 1 September 2002
  • Computer Science
  • Internet Reference Services Quarterly
ABSTRACT While the popularity of full-text databases among both library users and librarians is increasing, their quality seems to be decreasing. The term “full text” could be misleading, since many important periodicals are either missing recent issues due to publishers' imposed embargoes, missing some articles because of the U.S. Supreme Court Tasini decision, or not in any “one-stop-shopping” databases at all. This article discusses the number and/or percentage of embargoed titles on some… 
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