Emancipation and Its Discontents: Jews at the Formative Period of Colonial Rule in Morocco

  title={Emancipation and Its Discontents: Jews at the Formative Period of Colonial Rule in Morocco},
  author={Daniel J. Schroeter and Joseph Chetrit},
  journal={Jewish Social Studies},
  pages={170 - 206}
In 1918, the sultan of Morocco, under the control of the French protectorate authorities, issued a decree to reorganize the Moroccan Jewish communities. Often represented as "emancipation," the meaning of the legal and social reforms of the communities of Morocco were much more ambiguous and tentative than the term implies. Although the autonomous institutions of the Jewish community were weakened by the changes implemented by the protectorate government, Jews remained indigenous Moroccan… 

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Lyautey and the French Conquest of Morocco

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