Elusive Longer-Run Impacts of Head Start: Replications Within and Across Cohorts

  title={Elusive Longer-Run Impacts of Head Start: Replications Within and Across Cohorts},
  author={Remy J.C. Pages and Dylan Lukes and Drew H. Bailey and Greg J Duncan},
  journal={Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis},
  pages={471 - 492}
Using an additional decade of data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979 Children and Young Adults (CNLSY), this study replicated and extended Deming’s evaluation of Head Start’s life cycle skill formation impacts in three ways. Extending the measurement interval for Deming’s adulthood outcomes, we found no statistically significant impacts on earnings and mixed evidence of impacts on other adult outcomes. Applying Deming’s sibling comparison framework to more recent birth cohorts… Expand

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