Elucidation and in planta reconstitution of the parthenolide biosynthetic pathway.

  title={Elucidation and in planta reconstitution of the parthenolide biosynthetic pathway.},
  author={Qing Liu and David Manzano and Nikola T. Tani{\'c} and Milica Pe{\vs}i{\'c} and Jasna Bankovi{\'c} and Irini Pateraki and Lea Ricard and Albert Ferrer and Ric C. H. de Vos and Sander van de Krol and Harro Bouwmeester},
  journal={Metabolic engineering},
Parthenolide, the main bioactive compound of the medicinal plant feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium), is a promising anti-cancer drug. However, the biosynthetic pathway of parthenolide has not been elucidated yet. Here we report on the isolation and characterization of all the genes from feverfew that are required for the biosynthesis of parthenolide, using a combination of 454 sequencing of a feverfew glandular trichome cDNA library, co-expression analysis and metabolomics. When parthenolide… CONTINUE READING


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