Elovl4 5-bp-deletion knock-in mice develop progressive photoreceptor degeneration.

  title={Elovl4 5-bp-deletion knock-in mice develop progressive photoreceptor degeneration.},
  author={Vidyullatha Vasireddy and Monica M Jablonski and Md Nawajes Ali Mandal and Dorit Raz-Prag and Xiaofei F Wang and Lesli Nizol and Alessandro Iannaccone and David C. Musch and Ronald A. Bush and Norman Salem and Paul A. Sieving and Radha Ayyagari},
  journal={Investigative ophthalmology & visual science},
  volume={47 10},
PURPOSE To develop and characterize a heterozygous knock-in mouse model carrying the 5-bp deletion in Elovl4 (E_mut+/-) and to study the pathology underlying Stargardt-like macular degeneration (STGD3). METHODS E_mut+/- mice were generated by targeting a 5-bp deletion (AACTT) in the Elovl4 gene by homologous recombination. E_mut+/- mice of age 2 to 18 months and age-matched wild-type (Wt) littermate control animals were analyzed for the expression of Elovl4 transcript, ELOVL4 protein… CONTINUE READING