Elliptic genus, anomaly cancellation and heterotic M-theory

  title={Elliptic genus, anomaly cancellation and heterotic M-theory},
  author={Kang-Sin Choi and Soo-Jong Rey},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We derive global consistency condition for strongly coupled heterotic string in the presence of M5-branes. Its elliptic genus is interpretable as generating functional of anomaly polynomials and so, on anomaly-free vacua, the genus is both holomorphic and modular invariant. In holomorphic basis, we identify the modular properties by calculating the phase. By interpreting the refinement parameters as background curvature of tangent and vector bundles, we identify the extended Bianchi identity… 

Transitions of orbifold vacua

A bstractWe study the global structure of vacua of heterotic strings compactified on orbifolds T4/ℤN (N = 2, 3) in the presence of heterotic 5-branes. Gauge symmetry breaking associated with orbifold

Small-instanton transitions in F-theory

We study the phase transition between G-instantons and D3-branes quantitatively. A G-instanton is a classical solution to the self-dual equation of the M/F-theory three-form tensor field C in the