Elliptic flow of non-photonic electrons in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}} = $ 200, 62.4 and 39 GeV

  title={Elliptic flow of non-photonic electrons in Au+Au collisions at \$\sqrt\{s_\{\rm NN\}\} = \$ 200, 62.4 and 39 GeV},
  author={Leszek Adamczyk and Xiaoshuai Zhu and R. Squartini and Michael Skoby and Jeanne M. Landgraf and Wenhao Xu and Steve F. Heppelmann and J. C. Seger and Gerrit Jan van Nieuwenhuizen and Anju Bhasin and Jingwei Zhao and Zhengqiao Zhang and Josef Nov{\'a}k and Tracey P. Burton and Radoslaw Antoni Kycia and Jeong Hwan Lee and H. M. Ljunggren and Hiroshi Masui and Sangbin Noh and L. C. De Silva and Iu. Karpenko and Kyunghun Kang and V. I. Kravtsov and Abhishek Sarkar and W. B. Jr. Schmidke and Saskia Mioduszewski and Petr Chaloupka and D. Mcdonald and I-K. Yoo and Kathryn S. Engle and Zhao Yuan Li and Ashok Kumar Bhati and Massimiliano Marchisone and Yuexin X. Pan and Tomasz Jan Pawlak and Kefeng Xin and M. J. Tannenbaum and A. V. Alakhverdyants and Wenyan Yan and Armen Kechechyan and Jinlong Zhang and Fangqing Ding and John Mark Campbell and I. G. 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Timoshenko and Ziping Zhang and Dmitrii N Svirida and Aditi Banerjee and George J. Igo and Lloyd Edward Dunkelberger and Duleeka Sandamali Gunarathne and Richard Daniel Majka and Dmitry Yu Kalinkin and Xiaoming Zhang and J. L. Drachenberg and James Lucus Drachenberg and Arthur H. Rosenfeld and Arthur M. Poskanzer and Kenyi Hurtado Anampa and Robert L. Ray and Rashmi Raniwala and Leszek Kosarzewski and Jinzhong Xu and Terence John Tarnowsky and Sandibek B. Nurushev and H. Zbroszczyk and Daniel L. Olvitt and G. M. S. Vasconcelos and Jack Sandweiss and William Harvey Christie and Masahiro Wada and P. Seyboth and Danielle Garand and HG. Ritter and Adrienne Roy and Ron Witt},
We present the measurements of elliptic flow ($v_2$) of non-photonic electrons (NPE) by the STAR experiment using 2- and 4-particle correlations, $v_2${2} and $v_2${4}, and the event plane method in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200$ GeV, and $v_2${2} at 62.4 and 39 GeV. $v_2${2} and $v_2${4} are non-zero at low and intermediate transverse momentum ($p_T$) at 200 GeV, and $v_2${2} is consistent with zero at low $p_T$ at other energies. For Au+Au collisions at $p_T<1$ GeV/c, there is a… CONTINUE READING

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