Elliptic Integrable Systems : a Comprehensive Geometric Interpretation

  title={Elliptic Integrable Systems : a Comprehensive Geometric Interpretation},
  author={Idrisse Khemar},
  • Idrisse Khemar
  • Published 2011
In this paper, we study all the elliptic integrable systems, in the sense of C.L. Terng [65]. That is to say the family of all the m-th elliptic integrable systems associated to a k-symmetric space N = G/G0. Here m ∈ N and k ∈ N are integers. For example, it is known that the first elliptic integrable system associated to a symmetric space (resp. to a Lie group) is the equation for harmonic maps into this symmetric space (resp. this Lie group). Indeed it is well known that this harmonic maps… CONTINUE READING