Elliptic Curve Cryptography on FPGA for Low-Power Applications

  title={Elliptic Curve Cryptography on FPGA for Low-Power Applications},
  author={M. Keller and A. Byrne and W. Marnane},
  journal={ACM Trans. Reconfigurable Technol. Syst.},
  • M. Keller, A. Byrne, W. Marnane
  • Published 2009
  • Computer Science
  • ACM Trans. Reconfigurable Technol. Syst.
  • Elliptic curve cryptography has generated a lot of research interest due to its ability to provide greater security per bit compared to public key systems such as RSA. The designer of an elliptic curve hardware accelerator is faced with many choices at design time, each of which can impact the performance of the accelerator in different ways. There are many examples in the literature of how these design choices can effect the area and/or speed of an elliptic curve hardware accelerator. The… CONTINUE READING
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