Ellipse Detection and Localization with Applications to Knots in Sawn Lumber Images

  title={Ellipse Detection and Localization with Applications to Knots in Sawn Lumber Images},
  author={Shenyi Pan and Shuxiang Fan and Samuel W. K. Wong and James V. Zidek and Helge Rhodin},
  journal={2021 IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV)},
While general object detection has seen tremendous progress, localization of elliptical objects has received little attention in the literature. Our motivating application is the detection of knots in sawn lumber images, which is an important problem since the number and types of knots are visual characteristics that adversely affect the quality of sawn lumber. We demonstrate how models can be tailored to the elliptical shape and thereby improve on general purpose detectors; more generally… 
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    2010 25th International Conference of Image and Vision Computing New Zealand
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