Elizabethan England's Other Reformation of Manners

  title={Elizabethan England's Other Reformation of Manners},
  author={Edwin James Davenport},
  pages={255 - 278}
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The Renaissance Footprint: The Material Trace in Print Culture from Dürer to Spenser

Abstract This article argues that Renaissance print culture appropriated the cultural meanings of the footprint. The potent analogy between the printing press and printing foot informed Reformation

Reformation and Revelry: The Practices and Politics of Dancing in Early Modern England, c.1550-c.1640

This study examines the cultural and religious politics of dancing in late sixteenthand early seventeenth-century England. Although theologically dance was considered morally neutral, as a physical,



Revisionism, the Reformation and the History of English Catholicism

  • C. Haigh
  • History
    The Journal of Ecclesiastical History
  • 1985
Twenty years ago, when Patrick McGrath was writing Papists and Puritans, it made sense to present the history of Tudor Catholicism in terms of early decline and later heroic recovery. Our

Thomas Bentham: a Case Study in the Problems of the Early Elizabethan Episcopate

  • M. O'Day
  • History
    The Journal of Ecclesiastical History
  • 1972
After Elizabeth's accession the Church in England was in a confused condition. The queen envisaged a politique settlement which, although protestant, was not reformed, thereby enabling her to avoid