Elimination of microglia improves cognitive function following cranial irradiation

  title={Elimination of microglia improves cognitive function following cranial irradiation},
  author={Munjal M. Acharya and Kim N Green and Barrett D. Allen and Allison R. Najafi and Amber R. Syage and Harutyun Minasyan and Mi T. Le and Takumi Kawashita and Erich Giedzinski and Vipan K. Parihar and Brian L West and Janet E. Baulch and Charles L. Limoli},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
Cranial irradiation for the treatment of brain cancer elicits progressive and severe cognitive dysfunction that is associated with significant neuropathology. Radiation injury in the CNS has been linked to persistent microglial activation, and we find upregulation of pro-inflammatory genes even 6 weeks after irradiation. We hypothesize that depletion of microglia in the irradiated brain would have a neuroprotective effect. Adult mice received acute head only irradiation (9 Gy) and were… CONTINUE READING