Eliciting brand-related social media engagement: A conditional inference tree framework

  title={Eliciting brand-related social media engagement: A conditional inference tree framework},
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Effects of social media brand-related content on fashion products buying behaviour – a moderated mediation model

Purpose This study aims to examine in which circumstances consumer’s self-congruity moderates the indirect influence of consumer-based brand equity (mediating role) in the relationship between

Effects of content characteristics on stages of customer engagement in social media: investigating European wine brands

PurposeThis study advances knowledge of interactive marketing strategies by examining the effect of different content types on the three stages of customer engagement (CE) in social media, namely,

Social media brand engagement in the context of collaborative consumption: the case of AIRBNB

This study focuses on social media brand engagement in the context of shared and collaborative consumption businesses, a novel trend in the hospitality industry. By drawing on the concept of brands

The Impact Of Social Network Marketing and Customer Engagement on Purchase Intentions in Wedding Service Business

The study points to decide the impact of social network marketing of wedding package services on customer engagement and their effect on consumer purchase intention at CV. Indyferyto Paket Pesta

Gender Differences in the Perception of Motivations for Consumer’s Online Brand-Related Activities and Their Impacts on Instagram

The paper assessed the issue of gender differences in the perception of individual types of COBRAs (Consumers' Online Brand Related Activities) and the associated motivations (information,

Mapping methods of research on consumer engagement with brands on social media: A literature review

Consumer-brand engagement on social media is a widely studied research topic with high relevance for marketing practitioners. However, the discipline is affected by a conceptual divergence and

The depth of brand engagement funnel: dimensionalizing interaction in social media brand communities

Purpose This paper aims to contribute to the augmenting literature on consumer brand engagement (CBE) in social media brand communities (SMBCs) by offering the model of the depth of brand engagement

Exploring the Role of Social Media Use Motives, Psychological Well-Being, Self-Esteem, and Affect in Problematic Social Media Use

Given recent advances in technology, connectivity, and the popularity of social media platforms, recent literature has devoted great attention to problematic Facebook use. However, exploring the

Trajectory and Research Opportunities on Consumer Brand Engagement in Social Networking Sites

Abstract Although consumer brand engagement (CBE) in social networking sites (SNS) has become the focus of marketing debates over the past decade, there is still no literature consensus on the



The effect of social media communication on consumer perceptions of brands

Researchers and brand managers have limited understanding of the effects social media communication has on how consumers perceive brands. We investigated 504 Facebook users in order to observe the

An experiential model of consumer engagement in social media

Purpose This study aims to propose an experiential model of consumer engagement focusing on Facebook brand pages. Building on the brand experience literature, the study synthesizes the

Measuring Consumers' Engagement With Brand-Related Social-Media Content

ABSTRACT The purpose of the current study was to develop a scale to measure the consumer's engagement with brand-related social-media content, based on three dimensions established in the framework

Creative Strategies in Social Media Marketing: An Exploratory Study of Branded Social Content and Consumer Engagement

This study employed a content analysis of the creative strategies present in the social media content shared by a sample of top brands. The results reveal which social media channels are being used,

From Online Motivations to Ad Clicks and to Behavioral Intentions: An Empirical Study of Consumer Response to Social Media Advertising

Marketers increasingly use social media advertising to promote their products and services. In particular, display ads have a prominent presence accompanying various social media feeds. This study

The impact of brand communication on brand equity through Facebook

Purpose – The purpose of this article is to fill the gap in the discussion of the ways in which firm-created and user-generated social media brand communication impacts consumer-based brand equity

Would You Be My Friend? An Examination of Global Marketers' Brand Personification Strategies in Social Media

Building on the consumer–brand relationship framework, this research examines global marketers' branding strategies and consumer engagement in social media. Results of a content analysis in Study 1