Elevational distribution and sympatry of birds of the genus Drymophila Swainson (Passeriformes, Thamnophilidae) in the Atlantic forest

  title={Elevational distribution and sympatry of birds of the genus Drymophila Swainson (Passeriformes, Thamnophilidae) in the Atlantic forest},
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The importance of the standardizing sampling methodology to detect altitudinal gradients in mountains: A study case for the resident bird community in a hotspot (Atlantic forest) and the Middle Domain Effect
Abstract Among the theories that attempt to explain the elevational distribution of metazoan species along elevational gradients, the Mid-Domain Effect (MDE) is one of most debated and criticized.Expand
Influence of vegetation physiognomy, elevation and fire frequency on medium and large mammals in two protected areas of the Espinhaço Range
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Continued bird surveys in southeastern coastal Brazilian Atlantic forests and the importance of conserving elevational gradients
!e Brazilian Atlantic forest occupies a vast heterogeneous region (1,481,946 km2, approximately 17.4% of the Brazilian territory). It includes a large variety of forest physiognomies and compositionsExpand
Associação de aves a agrupamentos de bambu na porção Sul da Mata Atlântica, Londrina, Estado do Paraná, Brasil
Association of birds to bamboo stands in southern brazilian Atlantic Forest, Londrina, Parana State, Brazil. Bamboo stands have been considered relatively important for a high number of bird species,Expand
First assessment of the avifauna of Araucaria forests and other habitats from extreme southern Minas Gerais, Serra da Mantiqueira, Brazil, with notes on biogeography and conservation
A avifauna das florestas de Araucaria das partes mais elevadas da Serra da Mantiqueira e pouco conhecida e documentada. Esta regiao e reconhecida como uma importante area de diferenciacao de aves noExpand


Pattern of elevational distribution and richness of non volant mammals in Itatiaia National Park and its surroundings, in southeastern Brazil.
Report on nonvolant mammal species known to occur in Itatiaia National Park and its surroundings and to determine if their distributional pattern is related to elevation to make a direct ordination gradient of marsupial, primate, and rodent species abundance with the altitude. Expand
Sympatric and syntopic coexistence of these four antwrens may be maintained by habitat and substrate specialization through exploitation of dead leaves and bamboo thickets. Expand
Distribution of birds along an elevational gradient in the Atlantic forest of Brazil: implications for the conservation of endemic and endangered species
In this study I compare bird communities along an elevational gradient in an Atlantic forest remnant (Pico do Corcovado in Ubatuba) in coastal Sao Paulo state, Brazil. Forests at low elevations areExpand
The conservation of the avifauna in a lowland Atlantic forest in south-east Brazil
Summary The avifauna of a pristine lowland Atlantic forest in south-east Brazil was studied over 2 years. A total of 234 species was recorded, of which 190 species (81.54%) occured in forestedExpand
An avifaunal survey of the vanishing montane Atlantic forest of southern Bahia, Brazil
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The elevational gradient of species richness: a uniform pattern?
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Observations on the Behavior and Population Dynamics of some Brazilian Atlantic Forest Rodents
Onze especes de petits rongeurs etaient presentes sur une grille de piegeage d'une demi hectare dans une foret secondaire de the cote atlantique, au sud de l'Etat de Sao Paulo, Bresil. Expand
Bird Species Diversity on an Andean Elevational Gradient
Analysis of patterns of bird species diversity on an elevational transect of the Cordillera Vilcabamba, Peru finds that diversity is a complex community property that is responsive to many types of influences beyond simply the structure of the habitat. Expand