Elevation of intraocular pressure by calcium channel blockers.

  title={Elevation of intraocular pressure by calcium channel blockers.},
  author={Janice Beatty and Theodore Krupin and Pat Nichols and Bernard Becker},
  journal={Archives of ophthalmology},
  volume={102 7},
Topical administration of three different calcium channel blockers (verapamil hydrochloride, diltiazem hydrochloride, or nifedipine) increased intraocular pressure transiently in rabbits. Outflow facility and episcleral venous pressure were unchanged. Aqueous humor flow seemed to be increased 30 minutes after topical application of verapamil when estimated by the Goldmann equation or by changes in anterior chamber fluorescein-labeled dextran concentration. However, aqueous humor ascorbate… CONTINUE READING
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