Elevation of breath ethanol measurements by metered-dose inhalers.

  title={Elevation of breath ethanol measurements by metered-dose inhalers.},
  author={Hernan F. Gomez and Lauren Moore and Patrick E. McKinney and S Phillips and Hulya Guven and Jeffrey Brent},
  journal={Annals of emergency medicine},
  volume={25 5},
STUDY OBJECTIVE Metered-dose inhalers (MDIs) may contain as much as 38% ethanol. We evaluated the effects of ethanol-containing MDIs on breath alcohol testing. DESIGN Prospective, single-blind, crossover, controlled study. PARTICIPANTS Three healthy male volunteers 29 to 36 years old. INTERVENTION We studied three brands: Tornalate, (38% ethanol), Bronkometer, (30% ethanol), and Alupent, (0% ethanol). The effects of each MDI on breath and blood ethanol measurements were evaluated… 
A comparison of standard inhalers for asthma with and without alcohol as the propellant on the measurement of alcohol in breath.
MDIs with propellants as a vehicle may cause false positive breath alcohol readings in some patients and these effects are transient and may be prevented by a 5-10-min interval between the use of MDIs and breath alcohol testing.
Evaluation of breath alcohol levels after fluticasone nasal spray.
  • J. Vasudevan, J. Nelson, R. Hopp
  • Medicine
    Annals of allergy, asthma & immunology : official publication of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology
  • 2016
Whether instillation of fluticasone nasal spray, 2 sprays on each side, causes any increase in the breath alcohol levels for a period of 30 minutes is tried to determine.
The Significance of Breath Sampling Frequency on the Mouth Alcohol Effect
An increase in the frequency of breath sampling significantly decreased the magnitude and duration of the mouth alcohol effect and the ability of correctly detecting mouth alcohol with the Intoxilyzer® 5000C increases with increasing MAC.
Lack of response of breath alcohol screening devices to sugar alcohols contained in chewing gum
Results refute any suggestion that such gums containing sugar alcohols have the ability to produce a positive result on devices measuring alcohol in the breath when used by peace officers in real cases.
Diurnal variation of CD63 expression on activated blood basophils: a pilot study.
The levels were found to be 0 at 5 minutes and 0 at 30 minutes, which means that there is no immediate or delayed increase in blood alcohol levels after therapeutic use of fluticasone propionate nasal spray, and it is safe for teenagers to use it and drive.
Comparison of the Analytical Capabilities of the BAC Datamaster and Datamaster DMT Forensic Breath Testing Devices
Comparison studies show that Datamaster and DMT results are essentially identical; the DMT gave accurate readings as compared with measurements made using simulators containing standard ethanol solutions and that the D MT did not give falsely elevated breath alcohol results from any of the influences tested.
Improved Environmental Operation of Alcohol Breathalyzers with Functionalized Graphene Nanocomposite Membranes
Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited or restricted in almost every country on the planet. In Canada, a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.08 g dL results in a Criminal Code offense and
An unusual case of highly false-positive breath-alcohol test in a motor vehicle driver
It is reaffirmed, that in order to exclude possible false-positive breath-alcohol analysis due environmental alcohol inhalation, blank sample of air in the motor vehicle (or any confined space) should be obligatory prior to any breath- alcohol analysis.
Bedside diagnostic testing of body fluids.
As with other diagnostic modalities, a thoughtful, considered approach based on scientific evidence will be necessary to formulate the appropriate use of bedside testing in individual emergency practice settings.
Influencia del uso de inhaladores en la estimación del grado de alcoholemia mediante determinación de etanol en aire espirado
Los inhaladores estudiados,aun careciendo de excipiente alcoholico,ducen lecturas positivas en el etilometro en los primeros 10 min tras su aplicacion.


The Effect of Salbutamol on Breath Alcohol Testing in Asthmatics
The use of salbutamol by asthmatics does not affect the reliability of measurements made by evidential breath alcohol testing devices, and the blood:breath alcohol ratios obtained from ast hmatics were within the normally recorded range.
The Effect of Respiratory Aerosol Inhalers and Nasal Sprays on Breath Alcohol Testing Devices Used in Great Britain
Twenty aerosol inhalers containing drugs which exhibit an effect on the respiratory system and five nasal sprays used to relieve the symptoms of hay fever, have been tested for interference on the range of breath alcohol measuring devices used by the police in Great Britain.