Elevation changes in Antarctica mainly determined by accumulation variability.

  title={Elevation changes in Antarctica mainly determined by accumulation variability.},
  author={Michiel M. Helsen and M R van den Broeke and Roderik S W van de Wal and Willem Jan van de Berg and Erik van Meijgaard and Curt H. Davis and Yonghong Li and Ian Goodwin},
  volume={320 5883},
Antarctic Ice Sheet elevation changes, which are used to estimate changes in the mass of the interior regions, are caused by variations in the depth of the firn layer. We quantified the effects of temperature and accumulation variability on firn layer thickness by simulating the 1980-2004 Antarctic firn depth variability. For most of Antarctica, the magnitudes of firn depth changes were comparable to those of observed ice sheet elevation changes. The current satellite observational period… CONTINUE READING

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