Elevated temperature deformation of Zr to large strains

  title={Elevated temperature deformation of Zr to large strains},
  author={Michael E. Kassner and M. T. Perez Prado and Toshiki A. Hayes and Lei-Yong Jiang and S. R. Barrabes and Iris F-K Lee},
  journal={Journal of Materials Science},
This paper presents new data and a summarization of earlier work, especially by the authors, regarding the large strain deformation (generally severe plastic deformation) of pure zirconium, generally at elevated temperatures (300–800 °C range). It appears clear, now, that Zr deforms by classic five-power-law creep. Large strain deformation revealed recovery controlled mechanisms with grain refinement occurring by geometric necessary boundaries and/or the recovery-based mechanism of geometric… CONTINUE READING