Elevated plasma homocysteine level in slow coronary flow.

  title={Elevated plasma homocysteine level in slow coronary flow.},
  author={Irfan Barutçu and Alpay Turan Sezgin and Nurzen Sezgin and H Ibrahim Gullu and Ali Metin Esen and Ergun Topal and Ramazan Ozdemir},
  journal={International journal of cardiology},
  volume={101 1},
BACKGROUND Slow flow velocity of dye in coronary arteries is not an infrequent finding during routine coronary angiography and its precise mechanism is unknown. In this study, we measured the plasma homocysteine level in patients with slow coronary flow (SCF) in comparison with subjects having normal coronary flow (NCF). METHOD The study consisted 39 patients (mean age, 47+/-8 years) with angiographically diagnosed SCF. SCF was defined according to TIMI frame count (TFC) method. Thirty… CONTINUE READING


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