Elevated neurofilament levels in neurological diseases.

  title={Elevated neurofilament levels in neurological diseases.},
  author={Niklas Norgren and Lars E. Rosengren and Torgny Stigbrand},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={987 1},
Neurofilaments, a major cytoskeletal constituent of neuronal cells, can be released into the cerebrospinal fluid during several neurodegenerative diseases. By means of a new sensitive ELISA capable of measuring 60 ng/l of neurofilament light, significant elevations were observed for different neurological disorders. Cerebral infarction presented levels of 19800+/-9100 ng/l, amyothropic lateral sclerosis 3600+/-1200 ng/l, 'relapsing-remitting' MS 2500+/-1500 ng/l, extrapyramidal symptoms 1100… CONTINUE READING