Elevated fluoride products enhance remineralization of advanced enamel lesions.

  title={Elevated fluoride products enhance remineralization of advanced enamel lesions.},
  author={Jacob Bob M Ten Cate and Mark J. Buijs and Christopher C. Miller and Rob A. M. Exterkate},
  journal={Journal of dental research},
  volume={87 10},
Caries prevention might benefit from the use of toothpastes containing over 1500 ppm F. With few clinical studies available, the aim of this pH-cycling study was to investigate the dose response between 0 and 5000 ppm F of de- and remineralization of advanced (> 150 microm) enamel lesions. Treatments included sodium and amine fluoride, and a fluoride-free control. Mineral uptake and loss were assessed from solution calcium changes and microradiographs. Treatments with 5000 ppm F both… CONTINUE READING

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