Elevated expression of FGF7 protein is common in human gastric diseases.

  title={Elevated expression of FGF7 protein is common in human gastric diseases.},
  author={Ron Shaoul and Liat Eliahu and Ifat Sher and Yaheli Hamlet and Ines Miselevich and Orit Goldshmidt and Dina Ron},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={350 4},
Growth alterations within the gastric mucosa during chronic gastric inflammation are key steps in gastric cancer development. FGF7, a specific mitogen for epithelial cells, is implicated in epithelial tissue repair and cancer. We investigated FGF7 expression in normal human stomach, and in 35 cases from various gastric pathologies including 23 gastritis and 8 adenocarcinoma cases. Modest FGF7 protein levels were detected in the normal mucosal gland epithelium and in stromal fibroblasts. FGF7… CONTINUE READING

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