Elevated carbon dioxide influences yield and photosynthetic responses of hydroponically-grown sweetpotato

  title={Elevated carbon dioxide influences yield and photosynthetic responses of hydroponically-grown sweetpotato},
  author={Desmond G. Mortley and J. H. Hill and Philip A. Loretan and Conrad K. Bonsi and Walter A. Hill and Douglas R. Hileman and Anita Terse},
The response of 'TI-155' and 'Georgia Jet' sweetpotato cultivars to elevated CO2 concentrations of 400 (ambient), 750 and 1000 micromoles mol-1 were evaluated under controlled environment conditions using the nutrient film technique (NFT). Growth chamber conditions included photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) of 600 micromoles m-2 s-1, 14/10 light/dark period, and 70% +/- 5% RH. Plants were grown using a modified half-Hoagland nutrient solution with a pH range of 5.5-6.0 and an electrical… Expand
Evaluation of photosynthetic efficiency of yam bean (Pachyrhizus erosus L.) at saturating photon flux density under elevated carbon dioxide
Yam bean was found to be responsive to elevated carbon dioxide as Pn rate at 1000 ppm increased up to 23% relative to 400 ppm, and contrasting results were recorded with regard to gs, which steadily decreased at ascending carbon dioxide concentrations. Expand
Characterizing the diversity of sweetpotato through growth parameters and leaf traits: Precocity and light use efficiency as important ordination factors
Leaf traits assessment at early stages could be used as a starting point for the screening of potential lines, which once identified can be further characterized using crop growth models. Expand
Down-regulation of the IbEXP1 gene enhanced storage root development in sweetpotato
Results demonstrate that SR development was accelerated in Ib EXP1-antisense plants and suggest that IbEXP1 plays a negative role in the formation of SR by suppressing the proliferation of metaxylem and cambium cells to inhibit the initial thickening growth of SRs. Expand
SRD1 is involved in the auxin-mediated initial thickening growth of storage root by enhancing proliferation of metaxylem and cambium cells in sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas)
Results demonstrate that SRD1 plays a role in the formation of storage Roots by activating the proliferation of cambium and metaxylem cells to induce the initial thickening growth of storage roots in an auxin-dependent manner. Expand
Identification of genes possibly related to storage root induction in sweetpotato
Comparison ofSweetpotato expressed sequence tags (ESTs) to nodulation/tumorigenesis‐related sequence databases revealed that homologs of 39 sweetpotato EST sequences potentially involved in gene regulation, signal transduction and development were present in at least one of the nodulation /tumorspecific sequence databases. Expand
Hormonal and transcriptional analyses provides new insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying root thickening and isoflavonoid biosynthesis in Callerya speciosa (Champ. ex Benth.) Schot
A hypothetical model of genetic regulation associated with root thickening and isoflavonoid biosynthesis in C. speciosa is proposed, which will help in understanding the underlying mechanisms of tuberous root formation and is oflavonoids biosynthesis. Expand
Comparative transcriptome and metabolome analyses provide new insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying taproot thickening in Panax notoginseng
Several aspects including hormone crosstalk, transcriptional regulation, homeostatic regulation between sugar and starch, and cell wall metabolism, were identified as important for the thickening process in the taproot of P. notoginseng. Expand
Temporal patterns of gene expression associated with tuberous root formation and development in sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas)
This study analyzed and characterized the genome-wide transcriptional profiling and dynamics of sweetpotato root in seven distinct developmental stages using a customized microarray containing 39,724 genes and identified temporal programs of gene expression, including hundreds of transcription factor genes. Expand
Climate change and eastern Africa: a review of impact on major crops
Global warming has become one of the major challenges in maintaining global food security. This paper reviews the impacts of climate change on fourteen strategic crops for eight sub-Saharan AfricaExpand
Agriculture for Space: People and Places Paving the Way
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