Elevated Genome-Wide Instability in Yeast Mutants Lacking RNase H Activity.

  title={Elevated Genome-Wide Instability in Yeast Mutants Lacking RNase H Activity.},
  author={Karen O'Connell and Sue Jinks-Robertson and Thomas D Petes},
  volume={201 3},
Two types of RNA:DNA associations can lead to genome instability: the formation of R-loops during transcription and the incorporation of ribonucleotide monophosphates (rNMPs) into DNA during replication. Both ribonuclease (RNase) H1 and RNase H2 degrade the RNA component of R-loops, whereas only RNase H2 can remove one or a few rNMPs from DNA. We performed high-resolution mapping of mitotic recombination events throughout the yeast genome in diploid strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae lacking… CONTINUE READING
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