Elevated CO(2) levels cause mitochondrial dysfunction and impair cell proliferation.

  title={Elevated CO(2) levels cause mitochondrial dysfunction and impair cell proliferation.},
  author={Christine U Vohwinkel and Emilia Lecuona and Haying Sun and Natascha Sommer and Istv{\'a}n Vad{\'a}sz and Navdeep S Chandel and Jacob I Sznajder},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={286 43},
Elevated CO(2) concentrations (hypercapnia) occur in patients with severe lung diseases. Here, we provide evidence that high CO(2) levels decrease O(2) consumption and ATP production and impair cell proliferation independently of acidosis and hypoxia in fibroblasts (N12) and alveolar epithelial cells (A549). Cells exposed to elevated CO(2) died in galactose medium as well as when glucose-6-phosphate isomerase was knocked down, suggesting mitochondrial dysfunction. High CO(2) levels led to… CONTINUE READING


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