Elementary Theory of Angular Momentum

  title={Elementary Theory of Angular Momentum},
  author={Morris Edgar Rose},
Cholesterol: From Chemistry and Biophysics to the Clinic
Cholesterol stiffening of lipid membranes and drug interactions: Insights from neutron spin echo and deuterium NMR spectroscopy Sudipta Gupta, Fathima T. Doole, Teshani Kumarage, Milka Doktorova,
Symbolic Evaluation of Expressions from Racah's Algebra
Based on the rotational symmetry of isolated quantum systems, Racah’s algebra plays a significant role in nuclear, atomic and molecular physics, and at several places elsewhere. For N-particle
Electron wave functions in beta-decay formulas revisited (I): Gamow–Teller and spin-dipole contributions to allowed and first-forbidden transitions
We propose formulas of the nuclear beta-decay rate that are useful in a practical calculation. The decay rate is determined by the product of the lepton and hadron current densities. A widely used
Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy probed by x-ray magnetic circular and linear dichroisms
垂直磁気異方性(PMA)を示す物質や異種元素からなる界面の軌道磁気モーメントと四極子の効果を調べるために,X 線磁気円二色性(XMCD)と磁気線二色性(XMLD)を用いた研究を進めている。特に,垂直磁化薄膜の XMLD測定は 今までに報告がなく,実験配置を工夫することで可能となった。この解説では,まず,XMCDと XMLDの特徴と原理を
Selection rules for the decay of a particle into two identical massless particles of any spin
The well-known Landau-Yang (LY) theorem on the decay of a neutral particle into two photons is generalized for analyzing the decay of a neutral or charged particle into two identical massless
General spin analysis from angular correlations in two-body decays
Determining the spin of any new particle and measuring its couplings to other particles and/or itself are crucial in reconstructing the structure of any quantum field theory containing the particle.
A Conformally Invariant Derivation of Average Electromagnetic Helicity
The results are shown to be equivalent to the well-known volume integral for the average helicity, featuring the electric and magnetic fields and potentials.
A numerical study of the extended Kohn–Sham ground states of atoms
In this article, we consider the extended Kohn-Sham model for atoms subjected to cylindrically-symmetric external potentials. The variational approximation of the model and the construction of
Combinatorics and Gauge-String Duality.
This thesis exhibits a range of applications of combinatoric methods to string theory. The concepts and techniques used in the counting of ribbon graphs, the theory of finite groups, and the