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Elegant Irrelevance: Fourth Generation Warfare

  title={Elegant Irrelevance: Fourth Generation Warfare},
  author={Kenneth F McKenzie},
  • Kenneth F McKenzie
  • Published 1993
  • Engineering
  • Abstract : Fourth generation warfare theory models the development of warfare from 1648 to the present through the description of successive generations, or eras, of warfare. The first generation of modern warfare "reflects tactics of the smoothbore musket, the tactics of line and column." That year marked the end of the Thirty Years War and the beginning of the ascendancy of nation-states in European affairs, replacing feudal and communal organizations as war-making entities. Second generation… CONTINUE READING
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    A Brief Overview of Fourth Generation Warfare," p. 1. 12. A criticism shared by a number of intelligent observers. See Bolger's "The Ghosts ofOmdurman
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    91, for possible effects of greater stresses on Serbia. 40. See particularly Lind
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