Electroweak two-loop corrections to sin^2{\theta}(eff,bb) and R(b) using numerical Mellin-Barnes integrals

  title={Electroweak two-loop corrections to sin^2\{\theta\}(eff,bb) and R(b) using numerical Mellin-Barnes integrals},
  author={A. Freitas and Yi-Cheng Huang},
Multi-loop integrals can be evaluated numerically using Mellin-Barnes representations. Here this technique is applied to the calculation of electroweak two-loop correction with closed fermion loops for two observables: the effective weak mixing angle for bottom quarks, sin θbb̄ eff , and the branching ratio of the Z boson into bottom quarks, Rb. Good agreement with a previous result for sin 2 θbb̄ eff is found. The result for Rb is new, and a simple parametrization formula is provided which… Expand
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