Electroweak symmetry breaking by fourth-generation condensates and the neutrino spectrum.

  title={Electroweak symmetry breaking by fourth-generation condensates and the neutrino spectrum.},
  author={Hill and Luty and Paschos},
  journal={Physical review. D, Particles and fields},
  volume={43 9},
  • HillLutyPaschos
  • Published 1 May 1991
  • Physics
  • Physical review. D, Particles and fields
We consider a new mechanism for dynamical symmetry breaking of the electroweak symmetries involving condensates of fourth-generation quarks and leptons. A dynamical generalization of the seesaw mechanism is proposed based upon the BCS theory in which a neutrino condensate gives rise to right-handed-neutrino Majorana masses and all associated spin-zero bosons are composite. The fourth-generation neutrino is naturally heavier than {ital M}{sub {ital Z}}/2 and the scale of new physics is bounded… 

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