Electroweak symmetry breaking and Higgs physics: basic concepts

  title={Electroweak symmetry breaking and Higgs physics: basic concepts},
  author={M. G{\'o}mez-Bock and Myriam Mondrag{\'o}n and Margarete M{\"u}hlleitner and R. Noriega-Papaqui and Isabel Pedraza and Michael Spira and Peter M. Zerwas},
We present an introduction to the basic concepts of electroweak symmetry breaking and Higgs physics within the Standard Model and its sypersymmetric extensions. A brief overview will also be given on alternative mechanisms of symmetry breaking. In addition to the theoretical basis, the present experimental status of Higgs physics and implications for future experiments at the LHC and e+ e− linear colliders are discussed. 


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