Electroweak production of $\chi_{Q1}$ states in $e^+e^-$ collisions: A brief review

  title={Electroweak production of \$\chi\_\{Q1\}\$ states in \$e^+e^-\$ collisions: A brief review},
  author={Nikolai N. Achasov and A. V. Kiselev and G. N. Shestakov},
A brief review of the available experimental and theoretical results on the production of the χ Q 1 states in e + e − annihilation and photon-photon γγ ∗ interactions is presented. Future data on the production of the χ c 1 (1 P ), χ c 1 (3872), χ c 1 (4140), χ c 1 (4274), χ c 1 (4685), χ b 1 (1 P ), χ b 1 (2 P ), and χ b 1 (3 P ) resonances in e + e − annihilation and γγ ∗ interactions will help the development and unification of theoretical predictions related to the electroweak decays of… 



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