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Electroweak bounds on Higgs pseudo-observables and $h \to 4 \ell$ decays

  title={Electroweak bounds on Higgs pseudo-observables and \$h \to 4 \ell\$ decays},
  author={Mart'in Gonz'alez-Alonso and Admir Greljo and Gino Isidori and David Marzocca},
  • Mart'in Gonz'alez-Alonso, Admir Greljo, +1 author David Marzocca
  • Published 2015
  • Physics
  • We analyze the bounds on the Higgs pseudo-observables following from electroweak constraints, under the assumption that the Higgs particle is the massive excitation of an $SU(2)_L$ doublet. Using such bounds, detailed predictions for $h\to 4\ell$ decay rates, dilepton spectra, and lepton-universality ratios are presented. 

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