Electroweak and non-resonant corrections to top-pair production near threshold at NNLO

  title={Electroweak and non-resonant corrections to top-pair production near threshold at NNLO},
  author={M. Beneke and Andreas Maier and Thomas Rauh and Pedro Ruiz-Femen'ia},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology},
The top-quark mass can be determined with very high precision from a scan of the total $e^+e^-\to b\bar{b}W^+W^-X$ cross section near the top-pair production threshold. We present the full calculation of electroweak and non-resonant corrections to this process at NNLO. We discuss the size of the new contributions and estimate the theory uncertainty on the top-quark mass in the PS mass scheme. 

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  • 2014

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