Electroweak Flavor - Conserving Gauge Processes : Virtual Effects ∗


The electroweak Standard Model is summarized at the classical and quantum levels, including its gauge symmetry and symmetry-breaking aspects. The full implications of precise measurements of electroweak gauge forces are presented in terms of electroweak parameters and quantum corrections. The minimal Standard Model (SM) (including the top quark) satisfies the data well, up to oneloop accuracy. Possible non-Standard states subject to electroweak forces in quantum corrections is highly restricted by the present data. The status of exact and approximate symmetries of the electroweak Standard Model is summarized. ∗ Contribution to the American Physical Society/Division of Particles and Fields Drell Panel Study of American High Energy Physics, Working Subgroup 5.9: Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and Beyond the Standard Model: Virtual Effects. † e-mail: kennedy@phys.ufl.edu.

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