Electrotransfer of RNAi-based oligonucleotides for oncology.

  title={Electrotransfer of RNAi-based oligonucleotides for oncology.},
  author={Sophie Chabot and Sandrine Pelofy and Aur{\'e}lie Paganin-Gioanni and Justin Teissi{\'e} and Muriel Golzio},
  journal={Anticancer research},
  volume={31 12},
For more than a decade, there has been tremendous growth in our understanding of RNA interference (RNAi). The potent ability that small oligonucleotides have in gene silencing makes them desirable as novel cancer therapeutics, but many biological barriers exist for their efficient delivery into target cells or tissues. Electropulsation (EP) appears to be a promising method for cancer-associated gene therapy. EP is the direct application of electric pulses to cells or tissues that transiently… CONTINUE READING

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