Electrosynthesis of 4,4′-dinitroazobenzene on PbO2 electrodes

  title={Electrosynthesis of 4,4′-dinitroazobenzene on PbO2 electrodes},
  author={Serdar Abaci and Uğur Tamer and Kadir Pekmez and Attila Yildiz},
  journal={Journal of Applied Electrochemistry},
Parameters which affect the electrosynthesis of 4,4′-dinitroazobenzene from p-nitroaniline on platinum and PbO2 electrodes were investigated and optimum conditions were determined. Maximum conversion efficiency for electrosynthesis was 95% with a pure β-PbO2 electrode. It was found that the electrocatalytic activity of a PbO2 electrode depends upon its α/β ratio and its degree of crystallinity. The effects of the added base and water on the conversion efficiency were also elucidated. 


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